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Privacy and security are lacking in our modern times. was founded upon the principle that these values should be staples on all digital platforms. Furthermore, users should not be required to take on additional burdens to enjoy those basic rights.

We firmly believe that you should hold the rights to the data you create and that right should never be transferred to someone in order to use their products. Instead, products should inherently respect their users and step away from the norm of selling and/or sharing your data.  

Your data should be encrypted by default. Your privacy should be respected. If you want to share your data, that’s your choice as well. As technology grows and gives us a better understanding of institutions, we continue to learn. As we develop, you can count on to continue producing applications that bend to the will of the people, rather than bend your rights to the will of centralized institutions.

We are Producers of applications that embody your rights.

We believe:

  • People have the right to control their own data.
  • People have the right to encrypt their data, i.e. keep it private.
  • Convenience while maintaining privacy is hard, but any compromises should fall on the side of empowering the user, not making developer's lives easier.
  • Open source is more than a way to develop software, it is an ethos that raises the value of all of us.
  • Democratizing access to powerful compute tools is one of the most important issues today.