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Fast and easy Bitcoin payments.

Instantly send friends and merchants Bitcoin. Non-custodial.

    Bitcoin payments are Frustrating

    ➤ Bitcoin Layer 1 is slow and expensive.

    ➤ Bitcoin payment wallets are clunky and complex to use.

    ➤ The Lightning user experience is cumbersome.


    Your app for fast and easy Bitcoin payments.

    Created by the developers of Boom: the OG Stacks Web Wallet and NFT Platform.

    "I've been Stacking from the beginning, and Boom is the simplest crypto wallet that I've used." - sammiek6720 (Discord)

    "The Boom team are true Stacks OG's who understand the value of building good platforms for this ecosystem." - @muneeb

    "Easy to use both on the web and mobile." and "Undoubtedly, a great platform to consider..."
    - Safiya Zaki,

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      Get started in four easy steps

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      2) Download Boom

      Boom is built on global standards enabling it to work on Android and Apple devices.

      3) Enter your friends name

      Boom utilizes the most popular Bitcoin naming system (BNS) to make sending payments a breeze.

      4) Click Send

      Done. Fast & easy.

      Boom send screen

      Finally. Bitcoin payments that work.


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